This book is about how you can make a very substantial income—a full-time income—by spending only bits and pieces of your time on the side.

You don’t need to take any leaps of faith and quit your day job, nor do you need to sign up for any membership clubs or multilevel-marketing schemes. You simply can follow my tested-and-proven advice and take one baby-step after the next until you arrive at your financial destination.

If that sounds too good to be true, you’re right. There is indeed a catch, and it’s a big
one:  To  be  successful  in  building  an  online  business,  you  must  ignore  a  lot  of
conventional wisdom and advice. Whether it’s rattling around in your head or someone’s telling  it  to  you,  most  of  it  is  a  combination  of  lies,  half-truths,  myths,  and  just  plain outdated information on what it takes to be successful online.

Before I depress you too much, you should thank your lucky stars for all the garbage
information published about building a business. It keeps down the real competition and means more money in your pocket if you ignore it.

Some  of  this  bogus  advice  is  generated  by  your  own  brain  in  the  form  of  beliefs  or self-doubts  you’ve  had  for  years.  Other  times  you’ll  get  the  advice  from  well-meaning friends and family members.

Either way, it’s toxic. It’s my first task to clear your head of these beliefs so we can go
make a bunch of money.

Let’s consider these bits of bogus advice to be big Keep Out! signs on your way to